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The Resurrection Of…

Posted: 06 Sep 2009 08:24 AM PDT

Today I’ll be reviving something that has been long forgotten. And long as in 2 years ago!

It’s the “Ask Carl” sessions.

I did it before for a couple of weeks when I first started my blog. You can check out the “old times” here.

BTW, the picture on the right – sooooooooooo 2 years ago too so please bear with it :-)

(but hey, I think I can still pull that pose!)

The idea is dead simple.

1. You ask me a question related to internet marketing via email or by commenting on this post.

2. I answer it.

3. Enjoy? (I think they add that for OCD purposes, so it would “look right” 1, 2, 3… not just 1, 2)

Well at least, that was the idea *before*. Now, let’s make it more… interactive.

The New Idea.

Since I’m not a Jedi master of everything – we’ll answer the questions. For every Ask Carl post, I’ll answer one question and I’ll open the other question to you guys.

And some little incentive, I’ll be looking for sponsors who can give a prize to the best contributing answer.

Ask Carl!

Well the comments are open, ask ahead! If you prefer to ask privately, you can alsoemail me.

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