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make money online with a 13-year old.

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How To Earn Residual Income From Home Blogging

Posted: 03 Oct 2009 09:35 AM PDT

This article is guest posted by Brian and Jeff.

When the subject of how to Earn Residual Income From Home comes up, most people get it all wrong. The problem is there are a lot of Internet Marketing courses that have been coming out lately that over complicate things too much. So lets break things down a bit so even the freshest of newbies can get started. Anyone can Earn Residual Income From Home Blogging but you need to be aware of the proper steps to get there.

The first thing you need to do is you need to eliminate your initial confusion by deciding what you want to blog about. Believe it or not most people don’t even get this far. What are you good at? And is your Blogging topic commercially viable? There’s a simple test to figure this out. Search for what you want to blog about on Google. If at least 4 adsense ads pop up you can Earn Residual Income From Home Blogging about this subject. Plain and simple.

The next thing you want to do is to get a domain name. This should cost you less than $10.00. Some will say to get your domain based on some keyword you want to rank for. I can’t really say I agree with this, unless the domain name also makes sense to a searcher. The most important thing when choosing a domain name is to choose one that will brand your purpose well once your blog eventually becomes an Authority Blog.

Now you need to go out and find Low Cost Website Hosting. You can build an Authority Blog that will earn you a consistent Residual Income From Home for less than $10.00 per month.

Next you need to choose a Blog Theme that makes sense. We use Carl Ocab’s Ultimate Blogging Theme for $67.00 and we really love it. We make about $1200 per month on our MLM Authority Site with it. Not bad return for a $67.00 investment. This website gets 800 or more unique visitors per day now.

So once you have your Domain Name, Blogging Theme and Hosting you will need to make sure you have the proper Wordpress Plugins installed. Here are a list of the ones we use. Don’t worry, these are all free.

  • Add Twitter
  • Akismet
  • All in One SEO Pack
  • CommentLuv
  • Facebook Dashboard Widget
  • Google Analytics For Wordpress
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • ILWP Simple Link Cloaker
  • KeywordLuv
  • ShareThis
  • Facebook Status Updater
  • Top Commentators Widget
  • Tweet This
  • Twitter Tools
  • UBD Ad Block Plugin

Once these free Wordpress Plugins are installed, you are now ready to start to build on your blog and Earn Residual Income From Home. I’m going to give you the formula, and this formula will be free and very simple.

What you want to do is write 1-3 500 word articles each day. You want these articles you write to include the targeted keyword you are going for once in the title, 1-2 times in the description and about once per paragraph in the article, but go a bit light on this. For example if you have a 700 word article you might insert the keyword 5 times verses 7 times. Swipe a nice free clipart image off the Internet relating to the blog post you are making. Posts look 500% better with images and even related videos.

Then you will submit each post you just put on your blog to all the top article directories. Here they are:

  • Ezine Articles
  • Idea Marketers
  • Buzzle
  • Article Snatch
  • Article Dashboard
  • Articles Base
  • Articles Factory
  • Hubpages

This is so simple but so effective it’s almost unreal. But this is my program I’ve been doing for the last 4 months. It took us from 400-800 visitors per day in just 90 days. And I don’t ever pay anything for my traffic. I think in the next 3-6 months of submitting content at this rate our website will really be at over 1000 hits per day.

The key to making this work is consistency, and I can not emphasize this enough. Do not get side tracked on the latest get rich quick plot. Do your Blogging, get off the computer for a while and get balance in your life. The Blogging Game is a marathon not a sprint. Remember, people like Yaro Starak, Carl Ocab, Rob Benwell, Alvin Phang and Darren Rowse have been blogging for years.

And the cool thing is someday you can be like them, but you have to get started. I’ve just given you the entire formula to do this. If you decide to take action, a year from now you’ll be laughing when you check your Google Analytics account and see how many places you are getting traffic from. Trust me on this. And the momentum will never stop until you stop Blogging. This is how you Earn Residual Income From Home.

Let Brian Garvin & Jeff West teach you more about Simple Internet Marketing and Cell Phone Marketing at MLM Review Kings today. And best of luck with your Online Blogging plans!

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