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[Make Money Online] make money online with a 13-year old.

make money online with a 13-year old.

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What Makes Some People So Successful At Internet Marketing?

Posted: 13 Feb 2010 03:13 AM PST

I must admit this blog has been inactive.

Today I’ll revive it – and this time, it’s on.

The last couple of months I got the most severe case of… guess what?


Seriously, I’ve been juggling 5 projects. Add to that the holidays plus school work (I’m at senior year, high school)

All this time I’ve been blind. Multi tasking…

  • Made me work more
  • And work more…

BUT with all those work, believe it or not, my earnings decreased.

The TRUE Secret

With that experience, I realized how important the tip “focus” is. I knew it before and I’ve heard of it a lot of times but I never really paid that much attention to it.

But before that, let me show some examples (cause i find it funny that even before, focus really IS the true secret)

300 – 300 Spartans fought thousands of Persian soldiers by focusing on one little narrow pass called Thermopylae. They funneled all the Persian soldiers in one pass and concentrated on only one side.

Blitzkrieg - The infamous blitzkrieg, focus on one single area and flood em’ with tanks, soldiers and air power. Served the German pretty well.

NBA – Ok that’s a weird jump but I think that also proves that FOCUS can be, should be applied anywhere.

Most players on the NBA before (way back! The time when they didn’t have a 3 point line) were all rounded. To play you have to be good at dribbling, shooting, rebounding and all skills. But look how players play today, each player focuses on 1 skill. One is good at dribbling, one at shooting, one at rebounding then they put it all together. They play better.

How did that happen? Because each player were able to train and master a specific skill instead of practicing all of it to get well rounded.

Here’s The Game Plan…

Now let’s put that into a business perspective. Let’s say you’ve got 3 projects. Each project consists of 3 weeks of work, on the 3rd week you make money.

The multitasker, let’s call him Thomas just for the sake of sounding cool, would do:

Week 1 – Project 1
Week 2 – Project 2
Week 3 – Project 3
Week 4 – Project 1
Week 5 – Project 2
Week 6 – Project 3
Week 7 – Complete Project 1 and Make Money!
Week 8 – Complete Project 2 and Make Money!
Week 9 – Complete Project 3 and Make Money!

That means it took Thomas 9 weeks before he started making money.

Now here’s Hocus Focus Max would do:

Week 1 – Project 1
Week 2 – Project 1
Week 3 – Complete Project 1 and Make Money!
Week 4 – Project 2
Week 5 – Project 2
Week 6 – Complete Project 2 and Make Money!
Week 7 – Project 3
Week 8 – Project 3
Week 9 – Complete Project 3 and Make Money!

The Blind Side

(Coincidental title, heh. Saw the movie btw – very touching and inspirational)

To me this is very crucial because I’ve missed this for a long time.

As you can see, Thomas makes money on weeks 7, 8 and 9 but Hocus Focus Max makes money on weeks 3, 6 and 9. That means Max makes money earlier and if Max is even smarter, he’ll use that money to finish the other projects faster.

Thomas however, makes money on the last 3 weeks – but that doesn’t include the time between switching projects to work on.

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