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make money online with a 13-year old.

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Wyzo Marketing – Social Bookmarking for Link Building Success

Posted: 24 Feb 2010 08:19 AM PST

This article is sponsored by Wyzo Marketing and posted by Valerie.

Promoting your new Internet application, product, service, website or other Web 2.0 property is essential to your success.  Without the right promotional methods, you can be doomed to ignominy.

However, what are the best options for promotion?  How do you go about gaining the fastest recognition for your new development?  Wyzo Marketing has that problem covered.  They offer serious promotional plans that can garner you almost instant recognition.

What Is It?

Wyzo Marketing offers companies, individuals and marketers the means to increase their online presence through social bookmarking websites.  This specialized link building service ensures that any website, video, blog or app gains a tremendous amount of attention in a very short amount of time.

Link building has been one of the cornerstones of SEO since online marketing came to the fore.  In addition, the explosion of social bookmarking sites has made it simpler than ever before for consumers to share sites and Web 2.0 elements they like with their friends and family.  The trouble has always been letting consumers know what you have to offer.

Wyzo Marketing offers submission to 150 of the top social bookmarking sites in the world.  With sites like Reddit, Digg, Propeller, Del.icio.us and Folkd.com, gaining traffic is a relatively simple matter.

Manual Submission vs. Automated Submission

If you have ever used submission services in the past, you know that many offer automated submission.  However, this is not the best way to go.  Automated submission can actually result in a relatively high number of rejections, simply because of differences in site submission policies, form fields and other elements.

Wyzo Marketing offers manual submission, so this is not a problem.  In addition, where some companies have one or two employees manually submitting your information to bookmarking sites, Wyzo offers a team of 10 persons.  This ensures the fastest, most accurate submissions possible, which is a definite boon for you.

The Question of Price

Price is an enormous part of choosing a promotional partner.  Some companies charge exorbitant amounts for seemingly little in the way of promotion.  However, Wyzo Marketing offers reasonable pricing for their customers, with 150 submissions (one for each social bookmarking site on their list) for just $10.  In addition, the company offers bulk discounts, with 5x submissions for $9 and 10x (and above) for just $8 (per set of 150).

On top of this, the company also offers the ability to submit the same URL each time, or to vary it with 5 to 10 different URLs.  This means that you have the ability to promote several different pages/blogs/apps at the same time, or to create a dynamic marketing campaign that drives consumers to a single location from multiple sites online.

Contact and Query

Where some companies give you the runaround when it comes to contacting them, Wyzo Marketing is very straightforward.  The company offers two means of contact – an email form on the website, or a direct email link to the company for the simplest two-way communications possible.

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