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[Make Money Online] make money online with a 13-year old.

make money online with a 13-year old.

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What Is A Blog And How It Will Make You Money

Posted: 19 Feb 2010 07:15 AM PST

This article is part of the “Start A Blog And Make Money” series.

Simply put it, a blog is a website that is often updated with content called “blog posts”. Most often, the latest blog post will be shown at the top of the blog.

Someone who blogs is called a “blogger”. When a blogger updates his blog, he is “blogging”.

(Wow, I’m seriously not used to formal-ish writing. I’m not even good at grammar! :-))

Blogging has evolved A LOT since it first came out. Here are some types of blogs you might have heard of:

Personal blog

When it first came out, people used blogs to rant about what happened to their day, what they think of or in other words, they use it like a diary – a web diary.

Niche blog

From the word “niche market” or a very specific market, niche blogs cater specific markets. That’s why there are blogs out there specifically talking only about dogs, politics, cars, technology, etc.

Niche blogs are also the best way to make money online. We’re going to talk about this in the next post.


Since blogs are a big hit and it gets a lot of traffic, other web masters take advantage of it and make “spam” blogs called splogs. Splogs mostly contain content grabbed from other sites without their permission. Then they leverage it by posting ads.

In short, splogs suck.

Vlog/video blog

Videos – they’re a big hit right now. Well simply because, it’s easier than writing and you can express stuff better.

That’s why people have started these “vlogs” or video blogs. Instead of articles, they post videos.


To make it short, a microblog is a blog with short blog posts.

Twitter and Tumblr. They are good examples of a microblog.

The Blogosphere

The blogosphere is the word most people use to cite the overall community of blogs. Say, “The blogosphere is growing rapidly” so when you say the “make money online blogosphere” it calls for the bloggers who are blogging about “make money online”

Why blog?

Easiest way to publish or put content online – No programming required!

From my personal experience, blogging is the easiest way to put content online. Almost all blogging softwares only requires you to fill up 2 forms, first for the blog post title and second for the blog post content – that’s it.

You can put almost anything on a blog

Articles, videos, audio, flash almost anything you could think of – remember it’s also a website.

You meet new people

This is possibly one of the best reasons why you should blog – you meet a lot of people.

If you have a niche blog, you’ll be able to meet bloggers who are in the same niche as you. Of course, you could turn those relationships to very profitable partnerships.

Quite frankly though, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people since I started blogging and I’m very thankful for that :)


Most people blog for popularity alone. Now when you’re popular, it’ll be more easy to make money because you’ve got a following.

Do note that it’s optional to be popular. Because I know some people who just want the money but don’t want to be known. I understand that. But then again, I tell you, it’s more easy to make money when you’re popular.

Google LOVES blogs

Google LOVES websites that are often updated with content – and since with blogs, you can easily post content, Google loves em’

Therefore, it’ll be easier for blogs to battle out in Google’s search results.

Last but definitely not the least

(Since this is why you’re probably reading this post)


You can make money.

How you’ll make money with a blog

The simple formula for making money on the internet is:

Traffic + Conversion = Money

(Sorry I didn’t make cool acronyms!)

Now since blogs are the easiest way to put content online, it can get you popular and Google loves em’ it’ll be easier for you to get Traffic – which is the hardest of the 2 in the formula.

The conversion part is how you “convert” those traffic into cash, which we will be discussing later after you’ve set up your blog.

And as always, I’d appreciate your comments below :-)

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