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[Make Money Online] make money online with a 13-year old.

make money online with a 13-year old.

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Building And Monetizing Communities

Posted: 11 Mar 2010 07:52 PM PST

This article is guest posted by Mike Ndegwa.

When you seek advice from most Internet Marketers. They all have a common phrase: “Money is in the list”.  What this means is that you build a blog,  send traffic and capture visitors with an auto-responder and follow up with marketing emails to sell your products or other people’s products as an affiliate. This business model works but it limits your profits, read on to see how.

According to Seth Godin book   Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us he argues that leadership is the best marketing tactic for any individual, organization, school, church,  job seeker e.t.c.

By being a leader you automatically attract followers,  hence creating a tribe where you are a king.  For any group of people to trust you to lead them, they must see certain qualities in you.

One lie that has been told over the years is “you need to be an expert to be a leader”,  “you need to be of a certain age to be a leader”,  “you need to be of a certain academic background to be a leader” and the list goes on.

Here is the shocker: actually truth before your eyes:

  1. President Obama is the Commander in Chief of US Forces or Marines and I doubt he had 8 years of military training and wen through the ranks.

As you can see: with leadership you can be placed in any rank irrespective of  your area of expertise or any set prequalifications.

Lets get way back on track..

There is a leader who new myspace was a successful social network but went on to create his own which has proven to be a success, commonly called Facebook.

Another leader new there was Yahoo Search and MSN search (Bing) but wen on to put a local server in a garage or campus dormitory today is popularly known as Google.

Hope now you see. The Internet  market is not saturated,  it’s  just lacking leaders.  If you don’t take your leadership positions the spammers and time wasters are.Tribes are eagerly waiting for  you to lead them.

While you are a leader,  you need tools, Business model and Monetization strategy. These are the secrets of Supreme Marketers.


To build a tribe or online community you need tools.

  • A domain name
  • A community builder script

Online Business Model

There are various Internet  business models that you can adopt:

  1. Blogging – Carl Ocab is a leader in the blogging community, he has identified a niche and exercises his leadership on the same. For you to start a blog you need a blogging script like wordpress. which is available for auto install for most web hosting companies that support Fantastico or Simple Scripts.
  2. Video Sharing Sites – Most people only know of  youtube as the only free video sharing site. but there are a 1000 others out there. you can get a Youtube clone script to start your own community targeted to region or any other demographics.  Small Is the New Bigfocus on what the consumer wants,  get local content for your college graduates,  for recently wedded and have them share their videos on the world. focus on small communities and have the rest of the world wanting to join you.
  3. Membership Site – Again you can create your own membership site using free scripts like wordpress and make your posts private such that only logged in members can view your posts.
  4. Forums – With a number of scripts to choose from you can create your small forum and invite users to start contributing. At start you might need to be active by creating over 100 topics that will provoke response and watch your community grow.
  5. Dating Website – There are many singles out there imagine making a site  like singlesinyourcity.com and do an element of offline marketing where you orgarnize events and activities for your online communities to participate in.
  6. Auction website – Again there is so much business in the local market. Don’t get angry at ebay if they have not started an auction targeting your country. You can take this as an opportunity and start one for your local community or region.
  7. Social Bookmarking Site – With the increase of open source almost in every internet business category, today you can have your own bookmarking site in minutes. Every Marketer is looking for “do follow” back-links.  Standard.co.ke is such a site made with pligg – I saw it on their footer. Your community will be excited with such a site because it’s easy to make it on the front-page of your Bookmarking site easily.

The hundreds of online opportunities out there, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel,  just find a way of  doing it differently by filling the gap. You don’t have to know html or complex programming languages. All you need to understand is the online business method and then you can outsource from experts with the least possible expense.

Monetization Strategies:

There numerous monetization strategies and each work to give results depending on various demographics:

  1. Google Adsense - It’s the most popular monetization strategy out there.  However, it can minimal earnings depending on the value of your community.  For example,  if you search the word “credit cards” on google.co.uk and the same keyphrase on google.sc .sc stands for Seychelles – Tiny islands in the Indian Ocean.  You’ll see that under Google Uk there lots of sponsored links – meaning there are lots of advertisers bidding for the keyphrase hence they pay more whereas on Google Sc there is only one sponsored  link meaning there is only one advertiser targeting that country with the key phrase “credit cards”. What does this mean to an internet Marketer or infopreneur?  If you own an adsense monetizing website,  you would earn more per click from UK traffic as Opposed to a click  from a visitor in Seychelles. It’s up to you to identify the value of your target market and see if Adsense is the best monetization method. Here are some illustrative screen shots. Google Uk and  Google Sc.
  2. Banner Placement – Once you community website proofs to vave some good ranking on Alexa, then selling banner placements cannot be a problem. Once your advertisers start to get results they will become repeat customers and eventually their competitors will want to pay more so as to be considered for a premium placement and of course these competition wars translate to more money for you and more improvement on your community.
  3. Affiliate/ CPA Marketing -  You can identify revenue sharing websites that pay you per sale or per action. If you have a technology forum then placing tech products from amazon or antivurus and antispyware offers would be relevant to your community and definitely will earn you money. This can be very lucrative business model especially if you know how to do it right e.g. by offering bonuses and extensive product reviews. You can combine other strategies to this monetization model.
  4. Premium Membership or Content – Once your community is able to interact freely there are certain sections that you can limit to paid members or subscribers. This will earn you a monthly passive income that you can use a budget to keep on improving your community and your premium offerings.
  5. Combination of the Above Strategies- It’s not cast with stone that you should stick to a single of the above strategies you can combine two or more. Keep on experimenting until you get the right one. Once you set up a community you can as well build another and another.

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