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Submit Your Article With Fast Submit Articles At Just $6

Posted: 12 Nov 2009 04:52 PM PST

This article is sponsored by FastSubmitArticles.com and posted by Charles Lau.

Internet is basically a place to be filled up consistently with multimedia. i.e. words, pictures, audio and video.  It is easy for anyone to understand that this is the way to tell the world what you are doing in your business because you are the right expert to look for when your potential customers need help.

In today’s review of FastSubmitArticles.com, I was approached to write about this web business where they offer article distribution service.  What that mean is that they will help you to distribute your article to the 352 article directories.  I have no personal experience with using their service, but I do think that their service is pretty affordable.

Article submission service is one of the best way to spread in the Internet about your capability and what your business can do for those who are interested to engage your service.  As your articles are spread to various places, your expertise and your name will also be known throughout.

Articles are usually long lasting and are especially useful to the readers who happen to stumble upon the article via search engines and referrals.  Thus, it can be kept for a very long time, giving you traffic from the directories themselves and crediting you for a better search engine optimization.

My first website impression

I believe the front page is written as a sales copy.  However, I couldn’t catch the smooth flow of the sales closure.

The information is very cluttered within the page, and they are making me confused of what I should know about their service.  I believe they might have been adding information to the website as and when they are facing problem.

For example,

  1. I am not sure why they have added this “Announcement” service when we have not given our consensus to be part of the game.
  2. I am not sure why there is a need to duplicate the pricing tables in the same website.

The good thing is that the website owner has made the website looks pretty decent with the pictures and colorful tables and font styles.

Ok, enough of my argument of how the website should look like.  Most importantly, FastSubmitArticles.com must be able to help you to leverage your effort by making sure that your articles are working hard for you.

What FastSubmitArticles.com can do for online businesses

FastSubmitArticles.com help individuals, small business owners, and corporate organizations to achieve higher rankings in the search engines. Companies who use the service will also receive traffic through the articles that they distribute.

FastSubmitArticles.com started out by offering article distribution services at an affordable rate of $6.

  1. Help the business owner to distribute an article to over 300 well established article directories on the Internet.
  2. For every article submitted, the business owner is allowed to include 2 to 3 links.
  3. When a visitor reads the article and find the content interesting, he can click on the links to find out more about the business owner promoted in the author resource box.
  4. In addition, the above links will also help boost search engine rankings, because it is considered as a vote to the website, and search engines learn to recognize the site as an authority site. This leads to higher rankings in the search results.

Good leverage for business owners

Many business owners welcome the new service because it can be time consuming to do all the writing and submitting articles. Moreover, the submission process takes even more time, depending on the total number of article directories involved.

With FastSubmitArticles.com, business owners can now outsource all their article marketing activities. And with an additional $9, FastSubmitArticles.com will even write an article for the business owners. The business owner has the option to vet through, make an necessary edits, and approve the article before distribution commences.

On a side note, FastSubmitArticles.com also provides Premium Distribution Packages whereby they will do much more things for the business owners.


You may be asking me whether you should try them out or not.  Honestly speaking, I have not tried their service and I am only reviewing based on the website itself, as well as doing my homework to get this blog post more complete.

But, it sounds really affordable for me to pay $6 for them to publish my review articles to the many directories.  It doesn’t harm anyway just to give them a try.  And if you find their service good, I believe their Premium Distribution Package should be well-considered too.

Get your articles written and submitted to 352 article directories now with FastSubmitArticles.com !

Charles is an Internet reviewer,  He reviews products and services which are marketed through the websites. You can also find Charles on twitter.

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