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make money online with a 13-year old.

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3 Biggest Online Mistakes and Solutions

Posted: 18 Nov 2009 07:49 AM PST

This article is guest posted by John Tan.

There are so many reasons why people fail online but the below mistakes that I am going to mention are the 3 biggest online mistakes that anyone should avoid if you want to have a successful online business.

Mistake #1 – Talk More Than Taking Action

This is the most common mistake that I see people fall into. They have great ideas on what products they are going to create and how they going to build their list but when you ask them what they have done to their ideas, they just keep quiet.

Solution #1 – Take Action

The solution I have for this mistake is to take one of the ideas you have and start working on it. Be focus and complete that one project before you move on to the rest. You want to also break down your project into multiple small tasks so that you won't get overwhelms with that one big project.

Tackle one small task at a time is the way to go.

Mistake #2 – Buying Addiction

This group of people just loves to buy products, collect them and do nothing with them. Even if they do do something, they just didn't persist long enough to see the results before they jump to the next product that promises them the push button solution.

The reason why they do so is because when they bought something, they feel like they've done something which obviously they did not.

Solution #2 – Seek What To Buy

The solution I have for mistake #2 is to first choose a business model for your online business. For example if you have chosen building multiple adsense sites as your business model, then you want to only buy product related to your business needs.

Other product like list building and product creation is not what you want in your business. The key here is not to let product seek you but you seek out the product that you need.

Mistake #3 – Lying

This is especially true in the Internet Marketing market. They try to fake it till they make it. When people starting doing that, they usually cannot provide the value the customers need and in the end they end up losing more than they gain. They are just plain lying to themselves.

Solution #3 – Be Honest

It is ok that you mention that you are new in this market but will over deliver in the product you created. Being honest will help people trust you more and do business with you.

For the long term, your business will thrive and not die as people following you can see how you treat your business and customers in your business.

John Tan is a online business coach that focus on teaching people to build an online business with integrity. Right now you can get 54 powerful marketing secrets from one of his sites at www.MarketingLunchBreak.com for FREE.

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