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make money online with a 13-year old.

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Why Some Affiliates Make Thousands Of Dollars Per Month With Clickbank

Posted: 23 Nov 2009 05:26 PM PST

Do you want to start earning money on the Internet?

If yes, affiliate marketing is something you should consider. Before I give you a complete step by step plan and show you how I make thousands of dollars in commissions per month.

What is affiliate marketing all about?

An affiliate (also called associate or partner) promotes other people’s products on the Internet. There is no cost to get started since affiliate programs are free to join.

What some affiliates make an absolute killing while others fail?

There are a lot of reasons for this, but one of the most important is that they have the wrong information and make things way too complicated.

But this is going to change for you.

Today, I’ll start by explaining the basics,  and after that, I’ll explain every single step more in details. If you want to make your first commission, I am willing to help.


Let’s start with the affiliate marketing basics:

Here is how it works:

1. You pick a profitable market

There are thousands of profitable markets on the Internet. This step is pretty straightforward, but beginners make it complicated (I know because I struggled before I find a niche).

Here are some highly lucrative niches that you can copy: golf clubs, learn Spanish language, Save your marriage, registry fix, Internet marketing, yeast infection.

These are enough to get you started right away. Don’t over analyze and just pick one.

2. You find an affiliate product

Let’s say that you chose to make money in the yeast infection niche, all you need to do is to register to and choose a yeast infection product.

Tip: Make sure that the gravity is more than 30.

3. Create your money making affiliate website

Your are almost ready to start your affiliate campaign now. Before you start, you need to create a website to promote your affiliate links.

A few years ago, it was a bit challenging for beginners because many of them didn’t have a clue about html. And even if they had a site, adding links and new pages was extremely difficult. But today, nothing is easier than creating a website. Seriously.

Here are two free platforms that will help you to create your own website (or if you prefer, you can create a blog) in just minutes.

I suggest to my student any of these two platforms to start. Many people like Squidoo, but there are two many outgoing links, and you will lose a lof of commissions with Squidoo. Squidoo is good to get backlinks though.

4. Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

To make money on the Internet, you need two things:

  1. An offer (product or service)
  2. Driving traffic to this offer

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you have thousands of products that you can promote today. And even better, you have the ability to know what products are selling like hotcakes.

There are no secrets.

Traffic generation method are well known. Some require your time, while others will ask for your cash.

Find a few that work well for me below:

  1. Article marketing
  2. Blogging (on my blog)
  3. Guest blogging on authority blogs
  4. Blog comments
  5. Press Releases
  6. Backlinks
  7. Forum marketing
  8. Social Bookmarking
  9. Videos
  10. PPC

With this, you have everything you need to drive at least 4000 potential buyers to your list every single month.

Let’s recap.

To make money online with affiliate marketing, you need a hungry crowd (a market), an offer, your affiliate links, and tons of traffic.

Next, I’ll explain why some affiliates earn pennies while others earn several thousands of dollars per month.

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