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Reasons You Need to Start Blogging Today

Posted: 20 Nov 2009 10:08 PM PST

This article is guest posted by Brian Garvin.

If you haven’t gotten your first blog up yet, I really need to honestly ask you why? I mean there are a myriad of positive reasons and great things that can happen to you if you would just buckle down and get on a consistent blogging regimen. I won’t have time in this article to cover all the reasons, but I will cover some of the main reasons.

There are 2 primary ways you can earn a living blogging, and one way isn’t necessarily better than the other. It’s totally a matter of personal preference. You can go one extreme to the other or anywhere in between. The beauty is you blog for yourself so you get to call the shots. You can develop 3-5 authority sites with 1000 or more posts each that make a couple grand or more monthly each within 2-3 years, or you can develop 100 or so mini blogs that average about $40.00 per month each covering a wide variety of different niche topics.

The two courses that taught me all I needed to know at least to get started in Niche Marketing was Joel Petersons The Mini Site Formula and Brian G. Johnson’s Commission Ritual. Everything from Blog Settings to Camtasia Videos was covered. These two courses gave me the technical and marketing skills to start blogging on a serious level.

Also keep in mind that the more content you put out there the quicker you will reach your goals. I also want to make a note that when I build out an authority blog covering a lot of posting, which I’ll spend months or years on, I don’t pay much attention to keyword research. My focus when building these is to cover anything and everything I can related to the industry I’m blogging about. However when I build out small nichey style blogs, I use Market Samurai and use preferred keywords to build out all my pages.

Reasons To Start Blogging Today

1.) Literally each blog post you make will get you closer to your goal. If you wait for the perfect day or some angel to tap you on the shoulder and give you the green light chances are you’ll keep missing the train. Get started blogging as soon as possible.

2.) You only have to build it once and for the most part it will last forever. Maintenance will become extremely simple compared to initially setting up and building out your blogs. The sooner you get started the sooner you’ll get finished. You should be able to get on authority site finished in about 8-10 months and if you work a full week you should get 2 mini blogs up within one week. And once you start working on these time will start flying, at least it did for me.

3.) Right now I can tell you from personal experience that with no special luck, no special connections and no special favors you can retire in 2-3 years pretty comfortably blogging if you are consistent. I have a friend that got out of the Army last year. His retirement check is about $2200 per month. God Bless our brave Heroes, he earned every penny and it will probably keep the wolves away from his door forever. But you can earn this type of residual income blogging within 2 years. This analogy I hope will put things in some perspective.

4.) Learning how to blog, market and monetize your niche blogs properly takes a few months and not years to learn. And it’s cheaper to learn than going back to school.

5.) You’ll make money blogging no matter what. And although SEO is a science, it’s also natural. You really can’t screw things up if you go by the rules. Although you can’t control what google will do, the law of averages will always win out in the end. Too many people get discouraged way too soon. You have to give it a chance and be willing to work for months without expecting any major results.

6.) You only have to build the traffic to your blogs ONE time and you’ll get paid on your efforts forever. Since you are the one generating the traffic through your marketing efforts you control the traffic. The more you blog and market the more traffic you’ll send to your sites. I always take each blog post and submit it to each of the major article directories so each post has backlinks. This is crucial and if you don’t do this you can almost halt your efforts.

7.) If you use a Blogging Theme like Carl Ocab’s Ultimate Blogging Theme, you’ll even be able to sell advertising space once you start getting large amounts of traffic to your blog. Imagine spending just one year making one authority blog that gets about 1000 visitors per day within a year. This is very realistic if you crank out 3 articles per day or 90 per month. Each of the Ten 125×125 ad spaces on the right that come with UBT can quickly be sold for $55.00 per month each. So if you sell all 10 that’s $550.00 per month just from this and from just one website!

If you are consistent with blogging it’s very realistic to expect retirement type income within 2-3 years, as long as you study niche marketing and are consistent, stick to your plan and don’t let all the “Make $87,835 Per Month With Adsense” ads discourage you. Sure you’ll make a few mistakes along the way. You might even have to redo some settings and tweek your systems a few times, but that’s what separates the winners from the losers.

The winners in blogging are the ones who decide to go that extra mile and solve problems as they arise. Remember losers make excuses as to why they can’t solve problems, winners fix them as they come about. And yes I never said this wouldn’t be a lot of work. Not just a lot of work, but at least for me it was also about a 3 month learning curve to learn the skills I needed to put up these types of sites and over 100 videos I needed to watch.

I had to learn which plug-ins to use, how to setup the blog so it was SEO friendly, how to have articles ghost written, what directories I needed to submit them to, how to create and submit Camtasia Videos. You get the idea. So the learning isn’t easy, and there is a lot of work involved. But depending on how you view it the work can be considered fun, especially if you are in love with a particular niche or have a lot of knowledge about it. I hope these Blogging Tips give you a bit more insight and focus and will give you a better idea of what it will take for you to achieve your long term blogging goals.

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