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Be Personal, But Not Too Personal

Posted: 25 Nov 2009 06:00 AM PST

I’ve been on Facebook lately – a lot.

I only used Facebook though as a social networking site to connect with my non-internet marketing friends, classmates and family relatives.

Of course if someone from the internet marketing niche added me, I’d gladly accept because this is also a chance for them to see the “real” me.

Or so I thought.

The only stuff I post on that Facebook account is stuff about my friends, jokes, song lines, quotes and all goofy stuff a regular teenager would post because I didn’t want to mix my business with my personal life.

But last month when I got my Stomper X-ray call (awesome coaching from Stompernet dudes that I was lucky to have), Ross Goldberg suggested that I create a Facebook fan page to drive additional traffic to my blog and to seperate my too-personal life from my internet business.

Then I realize that the people who added me on Facebook from the internet marketing niche expected something that’s related to blogging and to what I talk about.

And so that made me think…

“Be personal, but not too personal”

We hear all around the blogosphere that we should have personal connection with our readers, etc. True – but we shouldn’t be “that” personal that our readers would get out of place or they’d get annoyed because they’re hearing too much of your life.

Sure, a hint of what you’re really doing personally from time to time would be nice, but if you do it everytime, it gets redundant.

Anything overdone isn’t good.

By the way, here’s the Facebook Fan Page I created. Honestly, I didn’t really want the idea of me being a “public figure” or anything like it and especially you as “fans”, really sounds weird. But what the heck, hope to connect with you there! I check the page almost daily :-)

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