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About Online Reputation Management

Posted: 01 Dec 2009 07:12 AM PST

Before I Talk Or Comment about a Report Writen by, I have to give you information about What Is Online reputation Management. Online Reputation Management (ORM), is made up of three different disciplines; Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Reputation Management (RM). Each of these are separate in the fact that they can be done independently and can have different focus levels, but are equally important when you are trying to achieve maximum visibility on the web. Each is also very different in how they affect your ranking in Google, not Page Rank; physical rank in the search engine results.

I've just read an article about Online Reputation Management by, a firm located in Southern California, They Created this report to highlight the dangers of brand management in search engines. On Their reports, Wrote about two main items:
1. Sentiment of results: whether each of the first 10 listings were positive, negative or neutral in nature.
2. How many properties were owned (at least by visual terms) by the company, and not at the mercy of the public to dictate what appears on these pages.

So i can take a simple brief conclusion that They are here to push that negative press so far down in search results, it may as well not even exist. When it comes to our reputations, we need a company who will do what it takes. and i'm sure knows what that is. Just check it if you interesting on it.

Information About Medical Interviews

Posted: 01 Dec 2009 06:36 AM PST

Medical field is one aspect of scientific that always requires interaction with humans. Interaction with the human form is manifested in a reciprocal relationship that is always caused by doctors or health workers with their patient. Talk about the interaction between humans and other humans we will deal with the so-called relationship doctor/medical personnel and patients in terms of direct communication between the two. Interesting all the information from a patient is only possible by conducting interviews with patients. Health services in western countries always rely on interviews as the most reliable method in drawing information from patients that will be used as consideration in a treatment that will apply later in the patient.

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