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make money online with a 13-year old.

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How To Target Your Target Audience Indirectly

Posted: 10 Aug 2009 07:37 AM PDT

This article is guest posted by Albert Fang.

In any webmasters point of view, they would agree that without targeted traffic, they are simply nothing. Bounce rates begin to reach ever so high, conversions are at it’s decimals, what else can be worse? These are the practical stats that most webmasters face due to the fact that the keyword that they want to rank for is too competitive and they become discouraged. They want to get targeted visitors that can convert, but they can’t simply due to the overwhelming competition that they know will take months, if not years to see some progress.

I am here to say, there is a simple way to bypass this. Simply, target your target audience indirectly. I know that it sounds like I’m reiterating my self on this, but trust me, it will make a lot more sense later on.

Step 1: Find Your Target Audience

You have now picked a niche and now have a site ready to make sales. You hint to your  self that you are promoting a product on  search engine optimization, which means that you now know that you want to target an audience that are of webmasters. Once you have found your target audience, you are ready for the next step.

Step 2: Target Your Target Audience Indirectly

Once you have found out your target audience, in this case webmasters, you are ready for the next step, digging deeper. I am not talking about a large marketing campaign, but rather a really simple project that only involves a simple piece of paper, a pen, and a bit of creativity. Once you have that out, it is time to visualize. Ask your self these questions.

  • What else is my targeted audience interested in?
  • What is popular that involves my target audience?
  • What else are they searching up? (Keyword wise)
  • What are my target audience’s goals?

Now answer them. I’ll give you an example of how it looks.

Target Audience: Webmasters

Q: What else is my targeted audience interested in?

A: Money making, Internet marketing, coding tutorials, article marketing, the list can go on and on.

Q: What is else popular that involves my target audience?

A: Link building, on-page optimization, specifically, search engine optimization as well, RSS, Twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon.

Q: What else are they searching up? (Keyword wise)

A: Lets look back at the above and jot down a few ideas. Lets think back to step 1. Webmasters want to rank one to do what? Make money right? So, perhaps keywords like money making, Internet marketing, and social networking sites, are also commonly searched by webmasters as well because we know that webmasters main goal is to try to get maximum exposure to make money. This also answers this question, “What are my target audience’s goals?”

Step 3: Research Keyword Competition

Now that we know that webmasters are interested in many topics like money making, Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, social networking, and etc, rather than just SEO alone. We now have a bigger playing field in terms of finding that perfect uncompetitive keyword that provide the same target audience to if I were ranked number one for the keyword SEO. Now jot down those keywords that are not as competitive and has a pretty good search rate, and you’ll be ready for the next step.

Step 4: Take Action

Now that you have found your keywords, simply take action and build those links. Keep on page optimization in mind as well, and you are bound to see results. Some important SEO factors to consider when optimizing for the search engines on page are…

  • Bolding, italicising, underlining important links and keywords.
  • Using the Dofollow tag correctly.
  • Using <H2> for Post Titles.
  • Sprinkling the keyword (not excessively) in the intro paragraph of a post.
  • Using the keyword in the Title page.
  • Adding alt tags to pictures

You can read the rest on our post called the 14 Effective Search Engine Optimization Tips.

The search engines shouldn’t be your only source to get targeted traffic. We now know that our target audience (webmasters) are also interested in social networking sites like Twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon, so why not utilize those sources to attract more readers as well? There are literally hundreds of untapped markets that has never been discovered before that are searched up everyday, waiting to be discovered. The possibilities are endless to finding your target audience. You just have to put the effort into finding them the hard way, directly, or the easy way, indirectly. All I can say is dig deep and you will succeed. If things look really overwhelming, slice it up. Simplify it!

This blog post was written by Albert Fang, the constructive guy behind He and his blog emphasizes on the infinite ways to make money online, and everything else that comes along the line of ranking high, such as, tips on search engine optimization, tips on Internet marketing, and much more.

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